Season Four DrunkCast – KARAOKE!


Wait… what? What are you DOING here!? You KNOW how bad these DrunkCasts are, and yet still you persist in listening! I can only assume you took a sharp blow to the head over the holidays and your taste in podcast content has changed so drastically that not even your own family recognizes the new you!


Ok, ok. But this one is the worst one yet. It has us all… *weary sigh* SINGING. While drunk. It’s as bad as you might expect, and frankly has no business being included in the feed with such otherwise magnificent content about the best Sci-Fi show of all time.

So listen at your own risk as we caterwaul our way through Sinatra, Paul Simon, KT Tunstall and Journey. And join us soon for our enormous EPISODE 100, the TV movie “In The Beginning!”


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EPISODE 97 – The Deconstruction of Falling Starts (Part 2)



Bringing the massive two-part finale podcast to a close. Not much to say here except some of those tasty LINKS!

Canticle for Leibowitz – an excerpt

Midnight Nation and Rising Stars

Canary’s writing reference – Emperor Norton the First

Reflections and Repercussions – Quantum Leap fanfic, read by Chris Canary

EPISODE 96 – The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

A mysterious figure in the far future recovers data nearly lost to time on the eve of the solar system’s imminent immolation by our exploding sun. These last records, turning points in human history, are the final pieces of The Story. From the beginning of the Third Age with self-satisfied talking heads, to the fascist EarthGov of 2762, through the Monks of the Great Burn, and into the deep future.

Do we die alone or does our work go on? What kind of world do we leave for our descendants? Does it even matter? As we discuss, Joe had little time to get this episode written to fill in the last slot of the season, since renewal for season five was so delayed. If all great art is forged in the crucible of an emotional extreme, then let it be said here and now that this episode is one of the finest of the entire series, both alone and in context. It’s profound without being pretentious, instructive without being shrill, and spiritual in a way that should appeal to just about everybody. The extrapolations are brilliant. And more evocative and telling in 2017 than any other show from that era of TV.

Prescient. Profound. Heart-wrenching. Redemptive. All qualities we love about B5… and you get ’em ALL, in this episode.


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EPISODE 95 – Rising Star

The war is won, but not without consequences. Marcus, drained of life by the alien healing machine, leaves behind a distraught Ivanova. Sheridan loses his Earthforce commission but gains the ISA Presidency and a new life, wedded to Delenn. The Rangers guard the walls, Londo and G’Kar marvel at human weddings, and the season effectively wraps with one of the coolest monologues of the series… this week on Jumpgate!

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Life’s gonna suck when you grow up – Dennis Leary


Firesign Theater – Nick Danger, Third Eye


EPISODE 94 – Endgame

All the pieces fall into place for the rebel armada as they begin their final assault on Clarke’s forces in the solar system. Featuring secret psychic techno-zombies, five courageous commando dwarves, pinpoint whitestar hyperspace jumps, and a full-on Macross Missile Massacre! Join us for the RISE OF THE EVERYMAN, this week on Jumpgate!

Not much to add this week, except that I’ve already begun to edit NEXT Sunday’s release, Episode 95, Rising Star. 🙂  Thank you all again for sticking with us through one of the most demanding periods of Life Itself that we’ve experienced in the last 4 years. We think we’ve nailed down the topic of the Season Wrap-Up, also, so we’ll reveal that in the next episode or two!

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EPISODE 93 – Between the Darkness and the Light

Daring Rescues! Chases! Escapes! Space battles! TRUE LOVE! Our heroes stage a last-minute rescue for Sheridan, lead by Lyta, Franklin, and a freshly refurbished Garibaldi. Meanwhile, Ivanova’s Whitestars go head to head with dangerously Shadow-enhanced Earthforce ships to clear the way for the final push to Earth!

As you now all have heard, I made one of the worst recording snafus in the history of this podcast: I didn’t triple check to make sure the bloody mics were feeding into my recording software. *FACEPALM* So, the laptop did what it always does when I forget to check… it defaulted to it’s own shitty internal mic to record the whole thing. So basically, we sounded like a late 90’s cell phone call.

We were under a tremendous time crunch back when this was recorded, over FIVE WEEKS ago, O__o  so the prospect of re-recording was not appealing, and virtually impossible to schedule. So, I leaned on my mediocre technical expertise to fix the audio and make it as listenable as possible. 🙂 Hopefully, our content is good enough that you all can forgive me for posting what is (essentially) an episode of Jumpgate recorded with a limp stalk of celery into an actual potato, and then uploaded to iTunes.

We’ve made some changes to our schedule to allow for me to do the editing I need to get done, and the overwhelming disructions we’ve faced since mid-September have mostly all settled out, now. So, it is my goal to release new Jumpgate episodes every weekend until the end of the season, and this includes two more Digressions for our Patreon sponsors (up next in November: Conspiracy Theories!)

Again, thank you all for being there for us through this Annoying Autumnal Abrogation! Please feel free to submit suggestions for wehat songs you want us to sing for the Drunkcast Karaoke! 😀

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