EPISODE 105 – Learning Curve

In the company of their instructors, two Rangers-in-Training visit Babylon 5, and quickly become embroiled in a schoolyard smackdown of yet another crime boss who is hilariously unprepared for how badass the Good Guys have become. Meanwhile, Lochley has to deal with a paranoid Garibaldi, a suspicious Delenn, and the legacy of… um… SOMETHING… between her and Sheridan. We have yet to determine something the Pak’Ma’Ra WON’T eat, this week on Jumpgate!




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Avenue Q – There is Life outside your apartment:


EPISODE 104 – A View From The Gallery

Bo and Mack aren’t your average maintenance techs. For almost 5 years now, they’ve kept B5 spinning, despite periodic plagues, political upheaval, and (ugh!) bugs. They’ve got a lot to say about our heroes, and we’re along for the ride, as they encounter Lochley, Garibaldi, Sheridan and Delenn, all struggling to repel an opportunistic military incursion of an unknown alien race from beyond the Rim. Eh, whatever… just another day on Babylon 5, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Your Hosts LOVE “below-decks” episodes. They usually appear sometime after 3rd or 4th season (or “series” for those across the pond), once the show has hit its stride and the characters are generating fanfic on the forums. These include such notable entries as Buffy the Vampire Slayerย  s3e13 “The Zeppo”, featuring non-superpowered sidekick Xander Harris… or the scrappy and resourceful ensigns of ST:TNG s7e15 “Lower Decks”… or even video games like the original Half-Life expansion pack “Opposing Force” or HALO 3: ODST.

All of these stories give a perspective on Our Heroes which might not be attainable otherwise. I mean, after all, who cares about the techs, the janitors, the normal, non-power-armor trooper with nothing between him and the Alien Menace except a pulse rifle and lot of courage? Well, we do. It humanizes a space opera, brings it down to something relatable after three seasons of Next Level bad guys *barely* defeated by the ever more competent (and traumatized) Heroes.

These stories say, yeah, everyone counts. Everyone has something to contribute. But you may be called upon to grow bigger shoulders. ๐Ÿ™‚

Listen to the podcast here… do you hear any funny noises? Better call in the maintenance techs.

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Border raids in Drazi space threaten the Enfili, a peaceful race who send a dying ranger to B5 to ask for protection for the new Interstellar Alliance. But forging the alliance was never going to be easy for Sheriden and Delen, not even with the musical words of G’Kar the Warrior Poet. Garibaldi seeks help from Byron and Comapny, eventually sending Lyta to get the job done. Are the Telepaths a cult? Do Drazi actually sweat under pressure? Be quiet, my muse is speaking to me! This week on Jumpgate!


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EPISODE 102 – The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

While sampling some newly-imported Brivari, Londo collapses in a massive hearts-attack. Meanwhile, Lennier decides to tackle his unrequited love for Delenn in the only way he knows how: to risk death and dismemberment in the Rangers. As the cast maintains a death watch over an unstable Mollari in medlab, the Ambassador himself does emotional battle with the righteous forces of his own conscience. Join us as we hear Andy quote Miracle Max – “Hey! What’s so important? What you got here that’s worth living for!?” – This week on Jumpgate!




Miracle Max:ย  “How much you got?”

Inigo: “Fifty.”

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EPISODE 101 – No Compromises

A super-effective killer sends a dead Ranger to Babylon 5 along with a message: Sheridan will be killed before he can be sworn in as the first President of the newly-formed ISA! Meanwhile, new station commander Elizabeth Lochley strides into the scene as a worthy successor to Ivanova. And when a band of rouge telepaths show up lead by a mysterious man named Byron, it may be up one of his followers to save Sheridan from assassination… Like, seriously, the Energizer Bunny has nothing on this guy! You wanna be president? Good! Then let’s eat! This week, on Jumpgate!


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EPISODE 100 – In The Beginning

OUR 100th SHOW!!! And a perfectly appropriate TV Movie to mark the event!

An aged Emperor Mollari spins a tale of the Earth-Minbari War to his young wards, kept safe in the Palace during an attack on Centauri Prime. In the greatest act of fanservice ever rendered to His People, JMS fills in all the blanks you never knew were there, from young Johnny Sheridan’s rise to command, a teenage Susan Ivanova’s tearful goodbye to her doomed brother, G’Kar’s opportunism, and Delenn’s regret. The story isn’t over yet… it’s never over, this week on Jumpgate!


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Season Four DrunkCast – KARAOKE!


Wait… what? What are you DOING here!? You KNOW how bad these DrunkCasts are, and yet still you persist in listening! I can only assume you took a sharp blow to the head over the holidays and your taste in podcast content has changed so drastically that not even your own family recognizes the new you!


Ok, ok. But this one is the worst one yet. It has us all… *weary sigh* SINGING. While drunk. It’s as bad as you might expect, and frankly has no business being included in the feed with such otherwise magnificent content about the best Sci-Fi show of all time.

So listen at your own risk as we caterwaul our way through Sinatra, Paul Simon, KT Tunstall and Journey. And join us soon for our enormous EPISODE 100, the TV movie “In The Beginning!”


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