EPISODE ONE – The Gathering (TV Pilot)

Jumpgate enters the Babylon 5 universe for the first time, as we watch The Gathering, the Babylon 5 TV Pilot movie! We had some fun with this one. Nick didn’t seem all that impressed, and the episode is as lackluster as we remember from 20 years ago. However, a few things stood out in the re-watch that gave us some food for thought.

We speculate on the Narn regime, telepaths and their histories, the best televised depiction of realistic space combat (to date at that time), Minbari rings of Badass, Zen gardens, and how much we like Vorlons. It was a lot of fun to put this one together, from the opening sequence to our terribly awkward closing. 🙂

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Clarke’s law:

Psychers, Warhammer 40k:


Ookla the Mok, “Mr. W.”


EPISODE ZERO – The Shape of Things That Were

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We have no idea what we’re doing, but we’re learning! As we receive feedback from everyone who goes along for this epic ride, we will try to give you better audio quality, more concise discussion, maybe some musical inspiration and other things to spice up the content.

For now, though, enjoy our trip back through the mists of time, into the late 80’s and early 90’s, to discover just what kind of TV world B5 was born into, and how it’s maturity into one of SF’s crown jewels shaped that landscape, even 20 years later.