EPISODE TWELVE – S1E11 Survivors

Due to some social plans, we needed to record this episode in a hurry, and get it up even faster. On the other hand, I got to be on a guest podcast! It’s a fun bit of stuff and nonsense, but watch for me (Andy) to appear for about 45 minutes on Chris and Crys Take Over The World! I had a great time doing a car-podcast with them in Indianapolis, when I visited a week or so ago.

My fortunes being what they are, of course, it culminated with me getting the worst case of strep throat I’ve had in years, which hit me just hours after the podcast was recorded. :-p So, if you wanna hear me drop F-bombs and media references with fanboy glee, head on over to http://www.crysthewolf.com/chrisandcrystakeworld/   (which will likely be their Episode 71) in a week or two and check it out!

This week’s episode of Jumpgate dealt with a Garibaldi-focused tale, and showcased a little more about his past. The episode seemed to touch on the *effects* of alcoholism, but not truly on how it affects those who go through it and come out the other side. Both Jinny and I have known people who were alcoholics, both functioning and otherwise, so it was nice to see it addressed so well here.

While we would have liked to see more of the aftermath, there really wasn’t time in the episode itself to cover it. In keeping it as spoiler-free for Nick as possible, we merely note that substance abuse is brought up several times in the future, and has a very solid place among the best of the B5 character arcs.

You can listen to the episode here:




Chipped Beef on Toast… or Shit On A Shingle — Here’s a great recipe for that old military favorite. This is made from considerably better ingredients, but the basic form is the same. Beef. Salt. Butter. Gravy. Bread. A modern man’s hardtack.



Quint’s story from JAWS — Speaking of naval references, this is Quint’s chilling story about sharks from Jaws, which Jinny’s grandfather also lived through during WWII.


GUILE’S THEME!!! — Nick and I had a lot of fun with this one, watching Garibaldi’s fight scene with Guile’s Theme playing. For those who don’t know, Guile was the name of a character from the the 1992 arcade game Street Fighter II, which is probably one of the greatest cabinets of all time, spawning many successful descendants. For some reason, this character’s theme song seems to go to just about any video clip you care to find on YouTube. Below is the remix we reference, featuring footage of Carl Weathers and Arnie, from Predator. Try it. Just go to YouTube and search for “Guile’s Theme goes with everything”. You’ll either laugh your ass off at the dozens of videos presented, or think we’re utterly stupid. 🙂


Galactic Civilization — A really great turn-based 4X game, in which one escapes the solar system and explores, exploits and expands into the galaxy at large, while several other race do too. There are some comparisons we can make to the B5 universe in general, although this type of game has been around for decades, now.



Girl Genius — And a shout out to one of my all-time favorite comics, Girl Genius. It’s a steampunk world full of homunculuses, clanks and creatures called Jaegermonsters, who only respect you if you have a cool hat. 🙂





EPISODE ELEVEN – S1E10 Believers

WOW this was a great episode! The debate was strong, and I think we all surprised ourselves with the positions we took on the issues presented in this episode of B5. We may seem to be a little heated, but rest assured, we’re all still friends. 🙂

Something we could have covered but decided to not get into were all the legal ramifications of the actions taken by both Franklin and the parents. Given what we know of the consequences, it would have been a whole new can of worms for Sinclair. As soon as Franklin had cured the child, the child was now healthy, and is expressly protected under Earthforce law. Religion or not, the parents should have been brought up on murder charges, at least. And Franklin should have had been arrested for disobeying a direct order and given a general court-martial, a dishonorable discharge, and the complete rumination of his entire Earthforce career.

It is clear, given the events that happened later, and the fact that they really don’t mention this again, that Sinclair had had enough of this particular Gordian knot, and chose to ignore both the murder charge and the court-martial.  Neither would’ve ended well for either party. Sinclair, Earthforce, the parents — literally everyone involved, including Franklin — was just as glad to simply sweep all of this under the carpet and to get on with their grief.

This kind of follow-up makes a nice addendum here in the blog. 🙂 What do you guys think? If there was ever an episode worth commenting on this season, this is it!





Christian Scientists – the 100 year old whacko christian cult that advocates for prayer alone to cure diseases.



Upton Sinclair, THE JUNGLE – another of Jumpgate’s “Great Books” series. Go out and ya some culture, people!



Endoscopy – Ethicon Endosurgery in Cincinnati Ohio was founded in the late 80s  as a spinoff of P&G, to invent and sell brand-new kinds of non-invasive surgical implements. Endoscopy and the techniques used with these implements have saved thousands of lives, and dramatically increased survival rates and shortened recovery times. We mentioned in the podcast that we think Dr. Franklin could have used any number of these things to help the kid.



Gravity – If you have not seen this physics-flawed but dramatic masterpiece, get your butt to a redbox machine!


Charles Napier, and the practice of customs – Here is a great article, which more accurately tells the story Andy was trying to relate. It was actually the burning of local widows in colonial India, and the author draws a direct connection from this to honor killings of Kurdish women, in the present day.



The Cold Equations – Seriously, how have you not read/seen this yet?



Chrys and Chris Take Over the World – Some friends of ours who do a very engaging “cute couple” podcast, replete with media references, politics, relationship advice and occasional guest stars. Thanks for the shout out guys!