EPISODE FOURTEEN – S1E13 Signs and Portents

MAJOR apologies for the lateness of the posting this week! We strive to give you your Jumpgate fix with promptness and alacrtiy, but a wave of dramatic activity swept through our house, and dashed our free time upon the rocks. Thank you for your patience!

This was a fantastic episode of the show, and one of the key stories of the first season. The Shadows are revealed (at least a little), the raiders are finally defeated as a force of chaos in Epsilon, and Mr. Morden asks the first of many Important Thematic Questions: “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

It was honestly hard to keep from revealing too much about the future of the series to Nick as we went along. But all of us were very satisfied with the action, the plot, and the freakin’ AWESOME Starfury battle!

You can listen to the show here:


The Young Riders, s1e13, “Decoy” — I really liked this show when it was on back in the day, and I usually don;t dig westerns. This is the episode Andy was referring to. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Young_Riders_episodes

Julius Caeser and the Sicillian Pirates — A moment of shining historical badassery.

SCHMOOPLES! — A cute creature called a Nug, which you can give to a companion character neamed Lelianna in Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins.


EPISODE THIRTEEN – S1E12 By Any Means Necessary

We all really enjoyed Sinclair outwitting his problems this time around. He seems to be heeding Garibaldi’s advice, and not taking to the front lines every time a problem comes up. And we get a few more ominous stirrings that All Is Not Well back on Earth.

Labor issues will always be a part of any rising nation, as workers fight the inevitable greed and cyclical monopolization of capital. The fight for a fair wage, a weekend, an 8 hour day, holidays off, sick pay and a dozen other rights were hard won in this nations history. As mankind expanded to the stars and the nearly limitless resources available up there, the cycles begin anew, this time on Babylon 5.

The problems echoed in this episode were certainly extant in the 90’s when it was originally broadcast, but in the last 20 years, we have seen a near constant assault on labor rights by big businesses and misguided government officials. With no unions to speak for them, all forms of labor in this country, from teachers unions to common assembly work, are being institutionally de-legitimized.

In the case of this episode, it was EarthGov that was being weasely and repressive. But ANY institution that has unchecked money and power will eventually seek to get more and more work for less and less pay, unless labor organizations like unions or guilds have enough power to push back and protect those who are responsible for the creation of an organization’s wealth.


You can listen to the episode HERE:




Female Russian WW2 pilots – We talk about keeping it together during a crisis on the podcast, and this reference came up as one of the most interesting. These ladies were the best of the best, and often flew missions using tactics unheard of in European countries.



Pinkertons – Anyone who has played Bioshock Infinite already knows who the Pinkertons were: hired thugs and paramilitary, working for the government on behalf of nearly lawless industrial companies in the late 1800’s. They brutally put down labor unrest when workers went on strike for unsafe and unlivable conditions. Unbelievably, they still operate today.



Stuff Skippy cant do in the military – Again, we think this is hilarious… might be NSFW because you will laugh out loud.



Escape Pod ep 427 – A podcast that gives dramatic readings of short stories, with AMAZING results. This is the one Jinny referenced about the 12 Days of Christmas, although there are many more.