EPISODE 32 – Soul Mates

We have talked about some personal stuff in our lives on Jumpgate, but this time we went a little farther. Given that this episode was ALL about “the evil Ex-” for Talia and Londo, we decided to share some hard-earned advice on relationships, drawn from our own colorful experience. Most of us are replete with stories of women or men in our younger lives who misrepresented themselves, manipulated us, lied to us, or just plain went crazy. While they make for compelling conversation while getting drunk, it is often in seeing them for who they really are that allows us to know ourselves better, and maybe find ourselves with someone who’s a better fit, later.

This was kind of an experiment… we hope these stories did not bore or offend anyone. But like a lot of other things we’ve addressed in this podcast, we hope to leave the world a little better for having listened to us. πŸ™‚ In any case, Londo got what he was looking for: a single wife who respects him and is brutally honest with him. Talia also got what she wanted: good and final riddance to the worst kind of Evil Ex, an empath.

You can fall in love with the podcast HERE, and like an overly-attached girlfriend, we keep bringing you links week after week, whether you want them or not. πŸ™‚

Carel Struyken – A Very TALL actor, renowned for such strong, silent roles as Mr. Homm from ST:TNG and Lurch from the 90’s Addams Family movies.

Trojan Sexual Olympics – Speaking of Londo’s Centauri sexual olypmpics, we offer this TV ad from Trojan Condoms…Β  IT IS NSFW, AND NOT FOR KIDS!!!!Β  Still freaking hilarious. πŸ™‚

Black Mirror – It was not, in fact “Dark Mirror” as we said on the podcast. It is, in fact, a Brittish TV show that is uneven overall, but the outrageous first episode is the best, IMHO.

Peter David – The writer of this week’s episode and overall fanboy-done-good, Peter David has been producing some of the best essays, genre novels, TV and movie scripts for well over 30 years. You can do a general search on him, but I decided to link to one of his best works, a Christmas essay. Trust me, it’s awesome, just go read it. πŸ™‚



EPISODE 31 – A Spider in the Web

Conspiracy theories abound these days, and what was once an interesting and obscure sub-culture has become a full-blown industry. From UFOs to secret government bases, from Truthers and Moon Landing Deniers, to the grandaddy of them all: The Illuminati.Β  Certain kinds of people are fascinated by the secret and the arcane, and they devour new details in a quest to understand and believe. Garibaldi and Sheridan share this factor… the drive to KNOW. And what they uncover is both sinister and slippery.

By the same token, societies fighting for independence appeal to Americans, and maybe other western countries as well. It’s spun in our cultural DNA – the struggle to determine your own course and establish yourself as something new and different and maybe even BETTER. Sure, there is safety in community… but there is fame, fortune and freedom in inventing a new way to be, synthesizing a new meaning from unexplored environments both geographical and political.

These myths that wriggle through our culture share the same root: the desire to be free and the fear of the unknown. The drive to explore and the need to explain the unexplainable. Both are honest human responses to fear. But only the drive to KNOW gets us anywhere worth going. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield, as the poet once said.

Discover the podcast, forever locked in an endless loop HERE!Β  And as always, there are links to be discovered below:

East India Company – Here’s a good short overview of what we talked about in the podcast, but honestly you should get over to Wikipedia and read about it. The parallels to America’s actions abroad in the last 50 years are both obvious and disturbing. This vid is a short overview of the facts we were discussing.

Extra Credits / Extra History – If you are a gamer, or just like intellectual precis about games, you should watch these guys. Extra History is what Nick was talking about in the ‘cast, especially this link about the South Seas bubble.

John Carter of Mars -From 1912 onward, John Carter was one of the pulp heroes that set minds ablaze with rousing adventures on the unimaginable surface of Mars.

Niven Puppeteer #2 Hull – One of the coolest species in Larry Niven’s Known Space series, the Puppeteers were a race of cowards. So everything they designed was ungodly strong and reliable… such as their Number Two Hull.

Kindly Brontosaurus – How to get what you want from people: Kill ’em with kindness and assertiveness. πŸ™‚

Jerry Pournelle – Sci-Fi author and often collaborator with Larry Niven (of Puppeteer fame). He was known for military themes in his novels, which works well in B5, as they named a ship of war after him.

EPISODE 30 – The Long Dark

As bad as this episode could be, we still had fun doing it, thanks to our special guest Crystal Wolf! As most Jumpgate fans know, she’s a good friend of jinny’s and mine, and joins us periodically when we record. I’d like to say it’s her insights, her humor, and her lovely voice that add that special something to the ‘cast… but I got to admit, most of the time, Nick and I are just trying to make her crack up. πŸ™‚

While the episode did a respectable job with the horror portion of the plot, the HORRIBLY awkward love story with Franklin and the Sleeper felt stapled on… like the shooting script they used was a second draft or something. This lead us to the idea that we might do another podcast, that would take these otherwise-good movies and TV eps and “fix” them so they made more narrative sense… at least to US. πŸ™‚ So what does everyone think? Should we do another podcast called, tentatively, “Fix the Script, Baby?” ^_^

We had some nice links and references this time around, and we hope these are good for a little humor in your otherwise dull day, which you can find below. You can get PTSD just by listening to the podcast HERE.

Strongbad Email – Techno
Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Fear Demon
George Carlin – shell shock
Duolingo – Learn a language in your spare time on your smartphone! I know two people for whom this actually worked!
I Fucking LOVE cocaine! Meme
Jeff Foxworthy – You Might Be a RedneckΒ  — It’s hard to explain just exactly HOW POPULAR this was in the late 80’s. We are proud to have given the old jokes new life in our podcast. πŸ™‚
HeeHaw! — one of the longest running variety shows on American TV, it was a celebration rural culture every Sunday night for decades during Jinny and my youth. These are links to one of the funniest bits.