It should be stated at the outset of this post that, in Sci-Fi, the Space Marine trope has been a THING ever since Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. We’ve seen countless iterations, from James Cameron’s ALIENS to Master Chief in HALO, and all of them were certified bad-asses. They work hard, fight hard, and play hard. When removed from the real-life context of IED’s, drone strikes, and endless deployment to uncomfortable places in the world, we can march along with them and admire their discipline and awesome Space Marine Tech (power armor optional). 🙂

We like talking about military engagements in a historical context, but the realities seen by troops on the ground paints a far grittier picture. In my lifetime, my country has been at war for all but a handful of years… Viet Nam, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan. Many of them come back with mental wounds that equal any physical maiming we’ve seen. Despite our entertaining take on the subject in this weeks episode, it should be known that we have a good deal of respect for those who serve our country in this capacity.

The episode mounts a full assault on your eardrums HERE!

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