EPISODE 44 – Divided Loyalties

As some of you may have noticed, this episode is going up a couple days early. Jinny and I will be out of town on vacation, with little access to the internet (outside of our phones), through Sunday evening. So, here you go guys! Enjoy! 🙂

Divided Loyalties is perhaps one of the most aptly named episode of this season. Nearly every character engaged with the main plot , and nearly every plot point itself, is about the divisions that define the characters as we’ve come to know them. Susan’s latent Talent, Talia’s hidden passenger, the heroes’ loyalty to their ideals and Earthforce, and Lyta’s paranoia about who to trust at all.

As Sheridan remarks, divisions weaken them. And this is exactly what their adversaries want. Only by fighting this urge to shut down, mistrust, turtle-up, do they have a chance at defeating them. Only by standing together with the full knowledge of each others strengths and faults can they hope to create a force for good, unriven by secrets or betrayals. These notions are put to the test quite strongly in all of the rest of the episodes this season, some much more overtly than other… and some of them fail.

But all of them choose sides. All of them decide just which side of the division they fall on. And all of them will bear the responsibility of those choices for the rest of the series and beyond.

You can unlock the episode from deep within your subconscious HERE!

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EPISODE 43 – Confessions and Lamentations

We’ve got a lengthy one for you this week… epidemics are not a topic which is tackled lightly. We actually had a discussion about how to approach this episode, how to place the humor, what to focus on. We all came to an easy decision: plagues are not a laughing matter. They are the single greatest source of human misery, aside from my puns. 🙂

As most of our constant listeners have probably deduced already, Jinny is an enthusiastic autodidact, especially about medical stuff. She was really *into* forensics and diseases and such a full decade before sci-fi-cop-shows and zombie mythologies came into the pop culture zeitgeist. She jumped at the chance to take up the mantle of Jumpgate University professor, and man our virtual whiteboard. Some of the material she found out about diseases and epidemics surprised even me and Nick, and we thought we had a decent handle on the subject.

Humans have never faced a plague like what the Markab experienced. The sheer ferocity, speed and lethality of the plague that drove them to extinction was truly, heartbreakingly breathtaking, even by sci-fi standards. I speculated later to Jinny that such a plague could not have evolved naturally… and that I personally suspect Shadow involvement at some point in the Markab’s past.

Either way, the loss of billions of peaceful sentients will strike a blow to the galactic economy, and only serve to spread more fear, paranoia, and despair… as if the Earth First-ers and growing Narn/Centauri war wasn’t bad enough. Order is degrading, the curve turns ever downward, and we fall headlong into the final episodes of the season!

You can listen to the episode – the last artifact of a dying race – HERE!

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