EPISODE 46 – Comes the Inquisitor

“Inquisitor” is much more than just an episode of TV. It is a philosophical meditation on the very nature of what we call morality. The ability to give everything for one person, or a billion. The strength to not give up your convictions even when life is nuking you with snake taser bracelets. The knowledge that all Great Causes that are truly Noble have leaders with this capacity.

In a series full of masterworks, this stands as one of the finest. It is nearly perfect, every scene commanding your rapt attention, and brilliantly thematically interwoven.

The podcast puts you to the Question HERE!

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“Now Kiss!” meme

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M.night Shaymalan on Adult Swim – What a twist!

Bill Murray – They’ll never beleive you

CNN story about Optic Nerve/B5


EPISODE 45 – The Long Twilight Struggle

Weapons of mass destruction are a tricky moral issue, as thorny in the future of B5 as they are now. As a deterrent, we had over 40 years of Cold War and all it’s attendant depredations to attest to the cost of living with them. But as much as it bloated our military, as paranoid as it made literally generations of Americans, we did not end up pushing the Big Red Button.

The Centauri exhibit, to some degree, that sort of empirical hubris writ large across the galaxy.They are as America might be right now, if other countries had few or no nukes. Got an intractable enemy? Bomb them back to the stone age! After all, they aren’t even real people anyway! I’ve watched this ethos creep into the wording and posture of our current international relations (some America’s, some not), and frankly it scares the crap outta me.

Many oppressed cultures have ended up fighting for their freedom from an occupying force over the last few centuries. Some succeeded, some failed, but it changes a culture. They can be maimed by it, debased and awash in cultish brutalities… or they can be ennobled by it, driven forward by good strategy and good ideals. Those choices largely hinge on the quality of their leaders. So far in this series, it remains to be seen the kind of leader G’Kar will end up being? Vengeful Freedom Fighter? Elder Statesman? Warrior Poet? Riding that story arc will be, I suspect, one of the most profound stories ever told in serialized televised Sci-Fi.

Though it take a thousand years, you can listen to the podcast HERE!

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What it takes to kill a spider…

Chipotle – Burritos the size of your head!

Nuclear Winter – basically nature’s Eff-You! after nuclear strikes, volcanic eruptions and asteroid impacts.

Asteroid impact destruction map – I can see my house from here! Well, not really… they use major cities around the world. Still, it’s pretty awful to imagine DOZENS of these impact craters all over Narn.

Colony drop —  Gundam Wing… O_O

Alice’s Restaurant — because it’s so close to Thanksgiving in the USA, and because we made a reference to it, we present the classic Arlo Guthrie song in it’s entirety!