EPISODE 51 – Convictions

“… humans wrote the Bible, God wrote the world.”

This quote, taken from the beautiful filksong “Acts of Creation” By Echo’s Children (links to their stuff below) encapsulates a lot about the themes portrayed in Convictions. Everyone involved had their own beleifs and acted upon them, inspired by truly “human” desires. The desire to have one’s pain known, the desire to seek the truths that lurk out there among the stars, and the desire to do whatever it takes to keep the station’s innocent lives safe. These are not divine urges, but seated in our nature, down there among the most primal of needs. Humans give those needs meaning. God (in whatever way you might interpret that entity, if at all) goes about whatever He does, and the far stars burn, indifferent.

I think we were all especially impressed with the quality of direction in this episode and quirky little touches (literally) throughout, from Sheridan’s placement of his link to the Drazi, doin’ what Drazi do. 🙂 The show was equal parts funny, cool, and a little shocking. Everything we LOVE about B5.


Brother Theo and his Magnificent Technical Monks have provided the podcast for your consideration HERE, and of course some cool links below!

Echo’s Children – A duo of very talented ladies who performed in filk circles in the 90’s. Below is a link to their website…


… a link to youtube, where you can hear the song Andy referenced in the podcast….

… and the lyrics, which seem like they might belong to a hymn that Brother Theo might sing.



The chemical markers in explosives:

The Onion – Flushing Uranium

Going Postal, the original story

Arthur C. Clarke – The 9billion Names of God… the enitre short story for your enjoyment! Go ahead and read, it’s not long at all!


5 responses to “EPISODE 51 – Convictions

  1. I can remember all the way back to the broadcast of this episode and I, then, thought of it as a kind of filler episode. But, as I reflect on it now, I can see it is the beginning of a season long meditation on the nature of evil. This fellow Carlson, ably played by veteran character actor Patrick Kilpatrick, falls under the desperate madness category of evil. I think that the “country song” moment is about revealing his humanity. We are very fragile creatures sometimes. He’s tragically misguided but ultimately fails to epitomize true evil. And so we continue our search to understand it. I think the next episode takes a much more externalized approach to the question.

    This podcast is continuing to be really great and has helped me introduce B5 to someone with no prior knowledge of it, so thanks. 🙂

  2. One of my all time favourite scenes ever, Gkar and Londo in the elevator. The first time watching it I cracked up laughing. From a show with so many great senees this is one I will never forget.

    I’m half way through this podcast. keep up the good work guys.
    Adam in Oz

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