EPISODE 59 – Severed Dreams


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Up until Babylon 5, it had always been expensive to stage ship battles in a space opera. Star Wars pretty much invented the visual storytelling tropes of space combat, and modern iterations of Star Trek further pulled it off because they have amazing modelers and a metric ton of cash. B5 did it with off-the-shelf hardware and a passion for The Next Cool Thing… and a fearless assertion that CGI ships and effects were necessary and *inevitable*.

And they were right. Without B5 there would be no Galactica, no Stargate/Atlantis, and probably no Farscape, all of which featured heavy CGI space combat. Eventually, Hollywood tech would have caught up to TV, but it would have taken longer, and shows like Game of Thrones or The Expanse would never have gotten greenlit when they did. Time may have been a little hard on these first few seasons of B5’s groundbreaking effects, but for us, they remain just as intense and gripping as the first time we saw them. And from here on, the digital pagentry gets even cooler as the War heats up. 🙂

The massive, over-two-hour podcast is HERE.

And as usual, we got a few cool links!

Sailing Ship Combat – Crossing the T   This is a cool little GIF demonstrating the tactic.

Friend-or-Foe enemy ship recognition in Tie Fighter!



Surrogates – The Bruce Willis movie about teleoperated sim-stim android bodies.