EPISODE 61 – Sic Transit Vir

We’ve all had the one girl we dated. You know the one. She’s awesome, and hot, and funny, and well-spoken. And then, she spouts something so unbelievably offensive, so amazingly obtuse, so stunningly evil… with a straight face… that you have to play along while and find out if that’s what she REALLY said.

And then she repeats it. And then she expounds upon it. And you feel this sinking feeling in your gut. Because she’s highly misguided at best, or at worst a raging homophobe, or part of a cult-like religious sect, or has some wonderful things to say about Trump. *shudder*

The funny thing is, you think maybe you can teach her otherwise. You have an “in” because she likes you, and will listen to you. And you hold out some hope that maybe you can get through to her. And besides she’s REALLY attractive, and she LIKES you, and you REALLY wanna make out with her. O_O

What’s a guy to do?  Set thousands of Narn free from Centauri oppression, of course. I mean, every relationship has it’s issues, right?


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A few years old but still funny: The Overly-Attached Girlfriend




EPISODE 60 – Ceremonies of Light and Dark

I’m not sure I can say more here than what I’ve said in the episode itself. Except maybe that the concept of rebirth… of incorporating the idea of periodic renewal… is seen by many major religions to be a core principle of their faith. From reincarnation, salvation from sacrifice, or the changing of seasons, this ideal seems to be baked into our DNA. Repressing elements of that change can be harmful to one’s soul, or one’s culture (as the Minbari see it). Perhaps Delenn was even more driven to complete the ceremony because of her breaking of the Grey Council. As a Religious Caste member, she would try to see the instability and chaos as an opportunity to grow… and would want to offer that opportunity to those closest to her.

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From the wonderful BBC sitcom Coupling – what is the “giggle loop”?

Harlan Ellison – youtube rant video about fans… wether you love him or hate him, he’s always hilarious. And his rant is kinda still true even now, years later.
Meet the Sniper – You don’t have to like Team Fortress video game to get a kick out of this promo vid for The Sniper
Sonic euthanasia comic – Dark. Sooooo dark….  O_O