EPISODE 62 – A Late Delivery From Avalon

Arthurian legends have persisted pretty much since the Romans left the Isle. The earliest scholarship even contends that Arthur was much more Roman in character than the newly-invented Feudal organization, what with that round table and all.  He was a just and fair warrior for his people, emblematic of a code of conduct not just meant to protect those weaker, but also to enhance the bonds of leadership and responsibility between his most trusted men by including them together, instead of the more common semi-tribal hierarchies of Nobles, Knights, and Commoners.


This version of Arthur – OUR Arthur on Babylon 5 – sees himself as a failed king, seeking forever an atonement that might never be resolved. One who feels that everything he ever stood for was betrayed because of a terrible misunderstanding. Which, if anyone reading this has ever lost a friend or a job or a partner due to these circumstances, can certainly relate the special kind of pain felt by those who bear no fault in the loss… but bear the worst of it’s effects anyway. And anyone keeping track of the series will see that Sinclair wasn’t the only one who had a really BAD case of survivor’s guilt, with a nice sauce of disassociation and PTSD like chocolate sprinkles on top.


Sinclair found his own way out, as we shall see later in the series. Arthur and G’Kar find another way for him, a way that uses his unique skillset and unshakable sense of honor to it’s fullest extent: as a Narn resistance leader. How better to recover from such a terrible experience than to help those most in need of those virtues to fight and win and rebuild? Here’s some honest-to-Kosh HOPE. Un-ironic, unfettered with complications. A sign that at the very least SOME individual humans outside of Our Heros in the B5 universe have actually learned a few things, despite current problems with Earthforce and Clarke. Everywhere we go, humans build communities. We spread our culture everywhere, find the best common denominators.


And that’s how we’ll WIN.


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Digressions One – ORCS!!!


This is a grand experiment by Nick and me (Andy) to talk about… whatever we wanted while Jinny was off to Florida on vacation this month. 🙂  Fear not, we’ll be back with A Late Delivery from Avalon next week…. but this week belongs to ORCS!!!  From World of Warcraft to Tolkien, we cover a bunch of different ORC-a-types, the history of orcs in our own tabletop gaming worlds, and the comedy inherent in having MORE DAKKA!!!!

So let us know if you guys like this idea guys, and we’ll drag in a few of our other friends from time to time. Maybe a few of our gaming friends, maybe just me and Jinny one time… we’ll see what happens! EXCITING, ISN’T IT?  😀




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