Okay. So. This one is even MORE incoherent than LAST year, and that’s reeeaaalllly sayin’ something.  While we finally fixed the synching problems, the offset laughs, and the projectile puking (off-mic, of course), we still managed to add Crystal Wolf from Crys and Chris Take Over the World to the festivities.

Drinks were swilled. Cursing was … cursed. Our new ROKU(tm) performed admirably, and Nick brought the Good Stuff, as per our usual growing tradition. 🙂 But we didn;t stop there. Oh no. Once the cameras were off, Nick and Jinny jumped into a killer Karaoke set that eventually involved most of the household. To celebrate this unique multimedia event, I took some video, which is posted on YouTube and linked HERE for your viewing pleasure. EVERYONE IN THIS VIDEO EXCEPT SON#1 (with the red shock of hair and the smoove moves) IS COMPLETELY PISSED AND HAVING WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

Standard warning: cursing, bad language, horrible off-color jokes, and heroic imbibing ensue.

Ok, so, go queue up “Exogenesis”, lift a glass with us, and celebrate three years in the podcasting racket with our SEASON THREE DRUNKCAST!



[ed.note] Somehow, the Season three wrap-up blog did not get posted. I have no idea why this is, I coulda SWORN I hit the nice friendly button marked “POST”. Oh well. Here it is now. 🙂

We examined our characters as Heros and Villains this time around, as they were seen by their antagonists in the show, and while we may have covered some of it before, we are all pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Delenn as a Zealot attempting a coup. Zach as The Reluctant Mole, etc.

But one idea REALLY grabbed me: Doing an audioplay like public-radio-NPR-style story about the establishment of the (entirely fan-fictional) Lincolni Colony, settled almost entirely with freed Narn slaves and their families, and also a sympathetic home of Narn expatriots and old warriors who broke themselves against the Centauri military machine for their entire lives. This fictional radio show would examine Lincolni’s troubled history and who opposes their foundation, the revelations about where the mysterious Narn “Arthurian” sect came from, and of course (as a finale) the colony’s approval for inclusion as an independent sovereign world and member of the ISA, sometime around 2304 AD. Like, seriously, the more I started thinking about the story beats, the more I started making notes…. and then some cool and “obvious” events occurred to me… and then a page of notes about all the characters who were somehow related to Vir and Ivanova, and the Rangers…  Guys, I REALLY wanna make this audiodrama happen! We shall see what 2017 brings. 🙂


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EPISODE 71 – Z’ha’dum

I wanted to do a little something special for this episode, and so I set about attempting a dramatic remixing of G’Kar’s season-ending speech, featuring us. I added some dramatic music. I made each of us read the speech with as much gravitas as we could muster, hoping to edit us together in post. I alternated lines a few different ways.

I swear, I punched myself in the face for two solid hours TRYING to make us sound even halfway as good as Andreas.

I failed.

Screw it. We are NOWHERE NEAR that good. Not the same ballpark, not the same league… not even the same freakin’ SPORT.  O_o

I hope everyone doesn’t mind, but for probably the first time on this podcast, I just… used the actual clip from the show. It is so powerful, so deep, so RESONANT… well… It’s not just a gosh-wow way to close out an amazing season, it’s the goddamn *zeitgeist of the modern world in 2016*.

Anyhow, onward to the SEASON WRAP-UP!  🙂

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Dethklok – Sewn Back Together Wrong – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eiijLOSvrI

EOS 10 – a really funny audiodrama, kinda like Scrubs meets Deep Space Nine. Give it a listen! – http://www.eos10.com/

Newton’s Apple – the best science show on PBS… After Julius Sumner Miller, of course. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfdDw_Uy3gU&list=PL4E2EAF9A732F5012&index=15

and the WIKI- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton’s_Apple