EPISODE 75 – What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

Sometimes, when the shit hits the fan, when you are dealing with rage and grief, and even your victories seem hollow…. sometimes, you start a bar brawl to find your friend. Sometimes, you lead a group of the best your race has to offer into almost certain death against long odds because that’s what your Lost Love would have wanted. And sometimes? You spend nine days rapping with an Alien Space Wizard about the meaning of Consciousness and the line between Life and Death, man. *puffs… passes…*  🙂

Each of the main arcs in this story were defined by characters struggling against a feeling of being trapped. Delenn in her grief. G’Kar and Marcus by their deeply felt obligation to find Garibaldi. Garibaldi himself in a weird circular cell, thrashing around until he HAD to be sedated. And these characters don’t LIKE feeling trapped. Not. One. BIT.

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Lightning Ball

Daoist philosophy

Goonies – Chunk’s confession

Tom Smith – Making Buddah’s Hard to Do  – Really, listen to this. It’s hilarious. 🙂



EPISODE 74 – The Hour of the Wolf

I gotta give credit where credit is due here… for having to pack as much into a single episode as he did, JMS succeeded in spinning about 5 different plates in a short 42 minutes. Londo faces The Next Challenger, a *dangerously* insane Emperor Cartagia, who wears a scandalously short ‘do, and has delusions of godhood. John Sheridan, alive, shares a small campfire with an Alien Space Wizard. Ivanova knows just who can help her take full command of the Army of Light. Lyta is probably considering abuse counseling after Darth Kosh drags her into his quarters and does… well… whatever he does to her, there. :-/

Our Heroes are quickly learning that the reward for a hard job well done is… MORE and HARDER work. We feel ya, guys. We we truly do.

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