EPISODE 77 -Falling Toward Apotheosis



I wish I had more to say bout this episode that we didn’t already cover. Usually, I have some bit of reflection, post-editing, but this time? G’Kar lost an eye! The Vorlons killed more planets, and the Heroes KILLED A VORLON! And we got our first real onscreen kiss between Sheridan and Delenn! I mean… Where do you even GO from here? Back in the day, we couldn’t talk about anything else…. not Independence Day, not D and D, and not South Park. So much happened so fast, and we had had ENDLESS speculations.

Best to just let the show speak for itself this time…. and see where it goes in two week.s šŸ™‚

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If you aren’t familiar with the “Cash me ousside/Howbow dah” meme. Brace yourself.. it’s painfully stupid… but the meme Crystal Wolf made for this post was too good of a pun to pass up!Ā  šŸ™‚



EPISODE 76 – The Summoning

We counted, there were FIVE PLOTS going on this time. Five. This was like two shows edited into one by a mad film student on a deadline, mainlining Red Bull. O_O

But oh, what a magnificent series of events. Emporer Cartagia stealing the scene from Londo and Vir. G’Kar’sĀ  willpower. Garibaldi, who is at this point really freaking SICK of waking up with his whole world changed out from under him. Darth Kosh acting like every bad wifebeater you’ve ever seen on TV.

Of all the interactions here, though, the one I keep thinking about is Lorien’s. I touch on this aspect a bit in the episode itself, but I suspect that Lorien has seen it ALL. Watched skirts rise and fall, empires go in and out of fashion, and played ukulele in cute hipster alien videos of whatever iteration of YouTube had been invented. And every time, he watches the same political pageant played out before him.

Hundreds of races, thousands of wars, billions of years.

And yet, much like the newly escalated Vorlon/Shadow conflict, THIS one is different. THIS one has shifted the framework so much that it’s actually interesting again. And Lorien – an ancient creature who is compassionate and kind – feels he has a final part to play in it. So much so, that he spent some time trying to approximate the physical features of this new set of races…. two eyes, a mouth, a nose, hands, bilaterally symmetrical, bipedal, etc. Enough to look familiar enough to all of them, and yet not exactly like any of them.


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