EPISODE 110 – A Tragedy of Telepaths

Byron and his remaining telepaths turtle-up in Brown Sector, repelling any attempt by Lochley’s people to cut through. As the remnants of the violent faction ramp up their misguided offensive with weapons theft and neatly-penned graffiti, Sheridan and Delenn ride herd on the ISA council, who are suffering from ever more distructive raids on their shipping by an unknown aggressor. Meanwhile, back on Centauri Prime, Londo and G’Kar have a discussion about Spoo, which leads to a forgotten cell in an unused wing of the palace, where G’Kar’s former aide Na’Toth is held in solitary confinement. Lochley does her best John McClane impression, Londo subverts expectations, and Bester is STILL a psychopath! This week on Jumpgate!





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