EPISODE 112 – The Ragged Edge

G’Kar must deal with a growing religious movement surrounding the bootleg publication of his memoirs, forcing him into a role for which he’s not quite ready. Meanwhile, Garibaldi falls into a bottle on Drazi homeworld, which leads to the death of a longtime friend, not to mention the pilot he was after, who had a lead on the mysterious ISA shipping attacks. Franklin takes a promotion, Sheridan declares war on Earth (with the help of a snarky Delenn) and Londo gets a view of his true inner self, thanks to an elevator mishap! Put your face in the book, this week on Jumpgate!





8 responses to “EPISODE 112 – The Ragged Edge

  1. It was always our intention to cover Crusade after Jumpgate: The Babylon 5 Rewatch Podcast had wrapped. In which case, we will likely present it as Jumpgate: Crusade. Either way, this particular podcast journey has about a year’s worth of B5 Universe content left to explore. What we do afterwards is… well… We’ve been test-marketing those ideas in the Digressions, on our Patreon. 😀

  2. I will be sad when this journey ends. I haven’t been particularly active on the comments of late. I have been CRAZY busy at work and editing my own podcast. (I spend a LOT of time on that) Mostly because I never realized how often I use mono-syllabic connectors. My “um” and “uh” count has dropped, but not enough for my liking :).

    I am excited to find out how the series turns out. 🙂

    Will you be doing a “Nick’s Overall Feelings About the Series” episode? Nick has interspersed his thoughts throughout the podcast, but getting an opinion on the series in it’s entirety, follow through on plot lines, character development, and letting him read through the Lurker’s Guide spoilers, or what not could be interesting.

    Anywho, looking forward to your future efforts.

    • I think Nick would probably be down to write something in closing that will delight our listeners. We will DEFINITELY do a Series Wrap-Up episode.

      Also, keep at it, sir! You will see and hear yourself getting better, and it will feel amazing. My editing time to released content time is about 2.5:1, which is WAY down from the 4:1 it was when I started. 🙂 And yes…

      because, like
      I mean, like
      I guess
      *tongue click*
      It’s, um, kinda like
      *awkward pauses between words*

      We ALL do this ^^^^ So, I feel ya, brother. 🙂 But a careful, thoughtful edit can really make your content shine! Keep up the good work!

      • I must say that I continue to see “more good” in Series 5, thanks you go guys, that I have in the past.

        However, next up is the episode that I suspect I will be in a minority of as per my opinion of it. A few years back I wrote kind of a negative review of it, but I will hold off on that until your commentary goes live.

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