EPISODE 114 – Meditation on the Abyss

Delenn meets Lennier in Downbelow to offer the Ranger trainee a covert mission: enter Centauri space and follow up on the evidence she and Sheridan have collected in order to attain solid proof that the Centauri are behind the attacks on Alliance shipping. He departs B5 bound for Whitestar 27, which has been retasked to serve as a platform for advanced Ranger training in deep space. Meanwhile, Londo adroitly trolls the Drazi through a bug in Vir’s groceries and surprises his loyal aide with a pending promotion. And after months of waiting, G’Kar finally has his new orange prosthetic eye installed by Dr. Franklin… but must still deal with the myopia of his new followers. Can Lennier and his fellow Minbari Rangers survive the intensity of the Human Captain Montoya’s unorthodox training? Can Vir master the real-life version of Fruit Ninja: Drazi Edition? Find out this week, on Jumpgate!






FRUIT NINJA! One of the simplest and most fun games on a tablet! For those who don;t know, the slashes the cut the fruit are just swiping your finger over the tablet screen. Reminiscent of a certain Centauri Ambassador-to-be giving a Drazi fruit vendor a little re-education about the quality of his character.


EPISODE 113 – The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father

Ace Blip-hunter Al Bester is on the case of a runaway Mindshredder, who keeps a secret worth killing for! Joined by two talented proteges, Al tracks the murderous rogue telepath to the notorious Babylon 5 station, deep in Epsilon sector. With time running out, and one of his apprentices already slaughtered in cold blood by a deranged mundane in thrall to the killer, can Al Bester bring the Mindshredder home before more of Psi-Corps’ children fall to his brutal living nightmares?

Find out this week on PSI: MIAMI! Er… I mean…. JUMPGATE!