EPISODE 113 – The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father

Ace Blip-hunter Al Bester is on the case of a runaway Mindshredder, who keeps a secret worth killing for! Joined by two talented proteges, Al tracks the murderous rogue telepath to the notorious Babylon 5 station, deep in Epsilon sector. With time running out, and one of his apprentices already slaughtered in cold blood by a deranged mundane in thrall to the killer, can Al Bester bring the Mindshredder home before more of Psi-Corps’ children fall to his brutal living nightmares?

Find out this week on PSI: MIAMI! Er… I mean…. JUMPGATE!






6 responses to “EPISODE 113 – The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father

  1. Okay, it’s time for this one! I kind of wanted to post the following in the comments for the previous episode, as to maybe get a reaction from you guys against my atypical opinion of this episode… but I held off. Here goes:

    I am about to download the podcast, so I’ve not heard it yet. I’m quite interested in hearing what you guys have to say about it. This is sort of a fan favorite episode it seems, but upon every successive time I saw it, the lower my opinion of it became. Six and a half years ago, I wrote a rather scathing review of it online, but, looking back, I totally forgot where I did it! So I had to do some deep searching to find it again, turns out it was on IMDB, where I rated it 4 out 10. I’d love to just cut and paste the text of it in here, but 1: it’s rather lengthy and 2, it was written intentionally including spoilers, so I will just do a link.

    As it’s the only review I ever posted via IMDB, it’s the only thing that shows up here:


    Now, a postscript that I recently thought of, in regards to this episode: I was harsh regarding inferior police procedure shown by the PSI-Cops here, but… maybe that was intentional??… The Psi-Corp has long relied so much on mental abilities for so long that maybe they seldom need a level of basic investigative competency?

    -Andy Thompson

  2. Have you guys considered doing a rewatch podcast of Sense8? I think your fans and fans of the show would really enjoy your take on the show. Please consider it.

  3. To be honest, I don’t think we ever discussed it, no. Like many other amazing sci-fi shows, it was cancelled before its time, leaving only maybe a year of podcast content to explore. And, to be clear, ALL of that content is excellent, soooo 🙂 What does everyone else here think about a Sense8 podcast from Ninja Whitestar Productions?

    • You might get a better response if you ask the question on your next podcast and ask people to respond here or maybe via Twitter or Facebook. Just a thought, no pressure .

  4. Don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but B5 is now on YouTube, officially. You have to pay for it, but all five seasons are there.

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